Acetaia Sereni

Modena, pearl of Italy’s bountiful Emilia region, is famous as the homeland of fast cars and amazing flavours. It is in this land that the Sereni family’s passionate commitment to Balsamic Vinegar was born.

The Sereni estate is located at Marano sul Panaro, in the picturesque hills near Villabianca. In a rural setting of vineyards and olive groves, this zone is unaffected by industrial pollution. Here the changing weather and seasons continue to repeat the ancient pattern that has served for centuries to ensure the natural production and ageing of a wonderful Balsamic Vinegar.

Today, Acetaia Sereni has more than 1,500 barrels of varying sizes, arranged by capacity and different types of wood, indispensable containers for our cooked grape musts as they gradually age and acquire their unmistakable flavour. It is here that the changing seasons and generations succeed each other. It is here that everything is founded on the history memory, the traditional production rule and the long ago “secrets” of Grandma Santina.